Standing Room Only: LDI Kicks Off In Las Vegas

LDI is back at the the Las Vegas Convention Center, and in most booths it is standing room only. Here are a few pics from the show floor on day one. 

Building on last year's show, which won a TSNN Award for the most innovative design, this year is much bigger, much busier, and much more fun. 

The attendees are out in force, and not just because of the booth bars (we're looking at you ROE at booth 1530—-among others). And attendees are not just plentiful, they are powerful: 78% have purchasing power, and 25% of them have budgets over $1 million. 

There are performances by SkyFire Arts that involve humans throwing lightning, booth designs are next level (if you can see them for the crush of people) and the lighting New Tech Breakfast featured some truly groundbreaking products. Check out this transparent LED screen from Muxwave:


LDI's professional training program has also been in full-force with standing-room only at many conference sessions and sold-out classes in the LDInstitute since last Monday. 

See you for another full day on the show floor and in the meeting rooms tomorrow!