LDI New Tech Breakfasts Roundup: Lighting

The LDI2022 New Technology Breakfasts opened with a performance from SkyFire Arts and some words of wisdom on the nature of storytelling—fitting for an audience which uses technology to enhance storytelling on a large scale.

MC Bill Digneit introduced the lighting manufacturers who make the products that solve all your tech needs to kick off day one of LDI’s NTBs.

Doug Fleener Design Booth 1555

Dr DMX, Doug Fleenor, invited the audience to stop by booth 1555 to see his products and pick up a free hat.

Lex Products Booth 2415

Patrick O’Keefe of Lex Products is celebrating 12 years with the company, stop by booth 2415 to wish him congratulations and check out the new Outdoor PowerRACK.

The company supplies portable weather proof power distribution solutions to the US military, and now you can buy them too. Also at the booth, take a look at the LOpSter Trap, which supplies power and data into one box. Swag alert: Raffle prizes!

NILA Systems  Booth 816

Jim Sanfilippo presented the company’s new LED lighting options which are now covering the whole field at PNC Stadium, Houston. At Ski Dubai, they replaced every light fixture and added DMX control to increase the lighting 300% while decreasing the energy load 20%.

KYOCERA SLD Laser Booth 726

James Highgate shared some anecdotes of Las Vegas in the past, but the company is not resting on its laurels. After successfully conquering the TV production and movie industry in Las Vegas, it is looking to the future of VR and AR productions with LaserLight, one chip but three products.

Chamsys Booth 2243

The Chamsys Formation Drinking Team took time out from a busy tournament schedule to bombard the audience with rubber ducks, scoring a couple of direct hits on coffee cups, and to introduce three new consoles. The Connect line consoles plug into your laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux) with free software and will work with almost any protocol that doesn’t charge to connect.

Stop by booth 2243 and N258 demo room to get a good look and maybe a rubber duck.

CHAUVET Lighting Booth 2243

Winter is coming and Michael Graham introduced two new products:

  • Maverick Storm 2 Beamwash  Its advanced alloy design weighs in under 50 pounds, delivering IP65 durability that loads in light, ruggedly housing an optical system that zooms in tight, blasting aerial beams that narrow to under 4 degrees. 
  • Maverick Storm 4 Profile Its ambitious design launches over 60,000 lumens across incredible distances with commanding brightness

KINO FLO Room N258

Frieder Hochheim introduced the Freestyle series of on set, image-based lighting that enables the image to be the light source, and  Mimik, taking a three-color pixel and making it a five-color pixel.

Minuit Une Booth 1714

The new IVL Photon is a laser-based product that does not require a permit of variance.  This technology-packed luminaire is the result of 5 years of R&D dedicated to giving smaller productions the magnitude of big arena experiences

Pathway Connectivity Booth 722

Robert Bell celebrated attending 28 LDIs in 30 years by presenting three new products:

PiccolA Lighting Booth 443

Shuhei Seo introduced a new, customizable small moving light fixtures ideal for architectural lighting  with your choice of body colors and patterns.

Absen Inc. Booth 417

Webster Moyle presented several new products available on show at booth 417, including the JP8 Pro   

Mod Scenes Booth 2015

Sarah Hall introduced a coterie of glamorous Vannas showing off new panel designs, all of which are fire rated and IN STOCK! In stock, Sarah explained, is a new and life changing occurrence which means you can rent or purchase the items you want at the time you want them, and not wait for them to be taken off a container ship stuck in the Suez or Panama canals. Swag alert: free T-shirts and all you can eat candy at the booth!

MADRIX Booth 1714

Christian Hertel (Mr LED Goodness) presented a big new software update, MADRIX 5.5, and boasted a little about the company, which broke two Guinness World Records this year: one in Qater and one in Italy, which now has the largest LED-lit racetrack in the world.

MADRIX 5.5 comes in ten languages and is epic in all of them.

ETC  Booth 631   

ETC has been busy this year. It is introducing three new families of products at LDI2022.

  • EOS Apex series  
  • ColorSource V –The V stands for five colors and VERY nice.  
  • Halcyon – Halcyon means an idyllic period of great happiness. This is not that. It's three new fixtures, Gold, Titanium and Platinum, which you can check out at booth 631.

PixMob Booth 2543

Coldplay wouldn’t tour until they had a compostable wristband, so PixMob made one. Wristbands made out of recycled water bottles, four LEDs that shine as bright as seven, and an 85% collection rate after shows make PixMob the most sustainable choice for wearables, and they’ve also installed programmable LEDs in seats at San Jose Sharks stadium

The new version of Wave Band can be seen at booth 2543 and on the Bad Bunny tour.

Muxwave Booth 2263

Jestan Yin introduced a transparent LED screen that has to be seen to be believed. Transparent, flexible, light, thin and available in free standing or hanging. Stop by the booth and experience it for yourself.

FOLLOW-ME Track i.T Booth 323

FOLLOW-ME is a Dutch manufacturer of auto tracking solutions highlighting Track i.T at LDI. First used in 2014 on tour with British band Suede, the latest version is out on tour with them again now. 

FOLLOW-ME Track i.T  works with any console or video systems, and fixtures can also be used with the product and also for general lighting and effects. Live view of tracking area is available via camera feed. Scalable, add more tags to more performers.

Claypaky  Booth 2223

The new CloudIO platform monitors fixtures and provides remote assistance from customer care operators.  Own Claypaky fixtures already? That’s OK< you can retrofit CloudIO Box to connect DMX/RDM fixtures to the cloud. It’s like having AAA, but for lights.