The Beacon To Preview MSG Sphere’s Immersive Sound

German audio company Holoplot has partnered with MSG to develop an immersive audio experience for the new $1.5b Sphere at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Billed as a “multisensory” venue, Holoplot’s 3D beamforming technology will be used to create multiple zones of sound which can play different audio content at the same time. The system allows anyone moving through a venue to hear different things at different points with great accuracy, or creates the perfect immersive audio experience for audience members seated anywhere in a venue—even inside a sphere.

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The Anastasio concerts at New York’s Beacon Theatre will be the first time the system, dubbed Sphere Immersive Sound, is used for a live performance. Holoplot, known for directional speakers, claims the system can adjust the soundfield into zones, and its wavefield synthesis technology can be used to recreate audio objects and move them in real-time from the same loudspeaker array.

For a preview of the new sound technology the concerts take place August 19 and 20, and the system is currently in use creating immersive sound at the illuminarium in Atlanta, Georgia.

The MSG Sphere is expected to open in summer 2023, with groundbreaking immersive elements such as Sphere Immersive Sound which will employ more than 160,000 loudspeakers, targeted temperature changes, and even production-specific scents to make every concert, attraction, or sporting event experiential for up to 20,000 visitors.