The Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound The Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound; photo by Richard Pechner,
The Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound

[email protected]: Weird Sound Systems, Olympic Mapping, Staging Balls, Blue Madonna, & More

This week's industry news includes wacky loudspeaker systems, Panasonic's mapping in PyeongChang, Børns’ Blue Madonna Tour, Balls world premiere, and more.

The [email protected] is released every Thursday at 5pm EST as a round-up of the week's top entertainment design and technology items, so you can stay up to date on industry news.

Walls Of Sound: Weird, Wild, And Wacky Loudspeaker Systems From Around The World

Many strange and unusual sound systems fly under the radar. Here’s a look at a few of the best-kept secrets in sound reinforcement.

Olympic Video Mapping By Panasonic In PyeongChang

The massive task of video mapping the Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was done by a team from Panasonic, led by Patrice Bouqueniaux of ETC Audiovisuel, video director and veteran of several such games.

Staging Balls' World Premiere

A live tracking scoreboard kept time and score throughout Balls, a recreation of 1973 "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match.

By Design: Clint Ramos, Part One

Costume designer Clint Ramos is also an accomplished scenic designer, and designed the sets for the world premiere of Off-Broadway play, Mankind.

Luz Studio’s Artistic Environment For Børns’ Blue Madonna Tour

Currently touring in support of his recent album release, Blue Madonna, Børns turned to Luz Studio in Montreal for production and lighting design, as they had done the lighting for his Dopamine world tour in 2016.

BONUS: Going Big—The Power Of Projection Mapping

Learn how to blend the “big 4s,” calculate aspect rations vs. overlap, and more in this free webcast led by Peter Putman, President, ROAM Consulting L.L.C. Watch it On Demand now!

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