"Telestron" at Day For Night 2017

[email protected]: Telestron, Dinner At Eight, CES 2018, Sound Installation Roundup, & More

This week's industry news includes Telestron at Day For Night, new opera Dinner At Eight, CES 2018 keynote, 30 under 30 Matt Palumbo, and 7 sound system installation roundup.

The [email protected] is released every Thursday at 5pm EST as a round-up of the week's top entertainment design and technology items, so you can stay up to date on industry news.

Telestron Turns Day To Night

At Day For Night 2017, robotic conductors channeled the forces of nature to replicate the diurnal cycle in Telestron, a lighting installation by VT Pro Design.

Dinner At Eight: A New Opera In Minnesota, Part One

Dinner At Eight premiered at the Minnesota Opera last year with sets by Alexander Dodge and lighting by Robert Wierzel.

Datacentric: The Stunts Of The CES 2018 Keynote Presentation

The CES 2018 Keynote Presentation was jam-packed, from a musical LED floor to an autonomous car and helicopter onstage to a record-setting indoor drones display.

30 Under 30: Matthew Palumbo, Technical Coordinator

For LDI's 30th anniversary, Live Design's 30 Under 30 in the industry honors Matthew Palumbo, technical coordinator at The-Activity.

Installation Roundup: 7 New Sound Systems

Audio innovation is everywhere. Here’s a look at seven solutions to unique sonic challenges—from a restaurant to a train station to an outdoor mall.

BONUS: Now Watch Webcast Super Bowl Halftime Lighting, Video Projection Systems

Chris Conti of PRG and Chris Peterson of VER will discuss the systems behind the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Watch webcast On Demand now!

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