Telestron Turns Day To Night

Housed at the historic Barbara Jordan Post Office in Houston, Texas, Day For Night 2017 welcomed guests to an immersive world of music and art, including Telestron, a lighting display where robotic conductors channeled the forces of nature. "The best part about Telestron was that it was a full collaboration between all of our team," proclaims Michael Fullman, creative director of VT Pro Design, which completely engineered the design, programming, electrical, and installation of the project.

Returning to Day For Night for their second year, VT Pro called on their Kuka industrial robots to be the stars of Telestron as they performed an elaborate dance based on the diurnal cycle. A geometric frame, housing a Robe MegaPointe and illuminated by Cree LED COBs, adorned each robot.

The performance included five acts, each of which interpreted a different compass direction, season, and the diverse themes of each, while the final act replayed all the previous acts and concluded where the robots first began. "It is kind of like this big bang at the end, and then everything sucks back to its origin point," explains Fullman.

Click through the slideshow to learn more about the design, and check out this behind the scenes video.

TELESTRON from VT Production Design on Vimeo.


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