2020 Event Safety Summit: December 7-11, All Online

(2020 Event Safety Summit)

The Event Safety Alliance’s 2020 Event Safety Summit will be entirely virtual, due to to current restrictions and social distancing at live events and conferences: The New Abnormal. Since our industry shut down last March, health and safety have been more in the spotlight than ever before. Issues the Event Safety Alliance has always understood, have been even more complicated by the need for social distancing, face coverings, and new sanitary standards. Once the industry can reopen safely, the issue of economic viability must be addressed. This is on top of the usual concerns such as crowd management, production safety, employee training, contracts, and insurance. While most of us wait for our opportunity to return, the time to start preparing is now. Sessions will be held online December 7-11, 2020. 

"As we move deeper into a Covid normalcy looking toward a post-COVID existence, the global live events sector is recognizing the need to adapt itself to that new reality," says ESA founder and president Jim Digby, a 30+ year veteran of the live events/music industry. "For those organizations that demonstrate the necessary characteristics of adaptability, strategic thinking and inspirational leadership, the future is one of opportunity as well as challenges. The Event Safety Summit provides thought leadership around these heady subject matters and more. We are mission driven to continue to provide a home for meaningful professional development opportunities and the necessary safety dialog for the live events industry. While it is unquestionably agonizing for so many right now, I am bullish on the future of our collective businesses."

Jim Digby, ESA president and founder

Check out Event Safety Alliance's Updated Reopening Guide

All sessions for the 2020 Event Safety Summit will be online. And since there is so much to discuss this year, they have scheduled an entire week of conversations with subject matter experts, including opportunities to chat directly.

The program features more than two dozen sessions, live Q&A with presenters, virtual networking opportunities, an exhibitor area, and more. In addition, all sessions will be accessible for 30 days after the event, so attendees can catch up on the action at their own pace. Brought to by you by Take1 Insurance, session topics are as follows:

December 7-11, 2020

11am-5:30pm Eastern

● Considerations for Planning an Emergency Egress

● The Basics of Risk Management and Safety in the Next Normal

● Take it Outside: Considerations for Outdoor Events During COVID-19

● Safety Leadership: Selected Thoughts

● The Performer’s Role in Safety

● Event Insurance in a Post-COVID World

● The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare For It: Advanced Concepts in Emergency Egress

● Documentation for Increased Safety

● Event Plans That Work for Everyon

● Chalk and Steel: Ground Rigging Safety

● Fundamentals of Tent Safety

● The Art of Your Deal: Explaining the Contract Language You See Every Day

● The Post-Pandemic Future of the Live Events Sector

● Staying Safe While Getting Loud: Understanding SPL, Sound Exposure and Loudness Perception in Concert Sound

● Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response

● Five Cardinal Rules of Performer Flying

● To Play, or Not to Play: Decision-Making for the 2020 NCAA Football Season

● The Human Element: Unpacking the New DIME-ICE Model of Crowd Management

● Nothing More Costly than Something Free: Fostering a Safe and Effective Volunteer Workforce

● Local Solutions to Global Problems

● Crisis Communications for the Live Event Industry

● When in Rome: What to Know Before you Go to a New-to-you Venue

● The Language of Safety

● Top 10 Theatrical Safety Terrors and How to Tame Them

● In the Bubble: Teachable Moments from the NBA's Experience in Orlando

● Planning Through Tough Times: Figuring Out Your COVID-19 Response (Live Workshop)

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Registration for this five-day virtual event is just $99 for ESA members, $125 for non-members. Members will also receive year-round access to the Summit content and an exclusive discounted rate for the 2021 Event Safety Summit. Register Here.

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