Pier59 Studios Opens New Virtual Production Facility

A virtual production studio opened last month at New York's Pier59 Studios. The new video production facility offers digitally created environments for performers that feature computer-generated imagery in real time. Unlike green screen technology, CGI can enable performers to interact with their environment and see what the audience sees. Virtual environments also cost substantially less, and use fewer resources, than creating a space for a short-term project.


  • LED Volume consists of a main 65’ curved LED screen and 40’ articulating ceiling, housing more than 25 million pixels capable of generating over 25 billion colors.
  • The interactive, image-based lighting is delivered at 1500 nits (over 5,000 lumens) producing photo-realistic lighting, shadows and reflections.
  • The 4K system is controlled by one of the most powerful virtual production systems in the world generating more than 200 teraflops (200 trillion calculations per second) of computational power.


  • 6500sf. dark stage
  • DIMENSIONS: 78’W x 85’D x 31.5’H to beams / 45’ to the ceiling / 20’H to the grid over the cyc CYCLORAMA: Two Wall, One corner 49’W x 26’6”D x 20’H back wall x 14’6”H wall on right
  • STAGE DOOR TO: FREIGHT AREA 9’10”W x 10’6”H 
  • RECEPTION AREA 13’4”W x 14’6”H
  • POWER: 600 AMPS 3


  • Planar CLI-VX 2.6mm 
  • Calibrated to 1000 nits 
  • Brompton video processing 
  • Disguise media server 
  • S-type RedSpy camera tracking system Carts 1, 2, 3, & 4 are moveable “wild walls” and can be placed where needed on the stage. The ceiling can be raised, lowered, and tilted.
  • Carts 1, 2, 3, & 4 are moveable “wild walls” and can be placed where needed on the stage. The ceiling can be raised, lowered, and tilted.

Content Delivery Specifications 

  • COLOR SPACE: The screen color space is Rec. 709, 10 bits per channel. Content should be delivered using a color space that uses an equivalent or exceeds the available color gamut of the screen color space.
  • Suitable delivery color spaces: sRGB / Rec. 709 / Rec. 2020 / DCI-P3 / ACEScg
  • BIT DEPTH: 10 bits per channel
  • PEAK BRIGHTNESS: 1000 nits
  • FRAME RATE: 23.976 Hz.

Federico Pignatelli, founder and president of Pier59 Studios, comments, “As a disruptive technology, virtual production is comparable to the digital photography revolution of the late 90s. In simple terms, instead of going to a location to shoot, we bring the location of choice into our studios in a realistic and fully immersive context." 

About Pier59 Studios

Founded in 1995 by Federico Pignatelli and his Art and Fashion Group Corporation, Pier59 Studios is an 110,000 square-foot premier photography and multimedia studio located at Chelsea Piers in New York City. As the largest photography facility and multimedia complex in the world, the space is equipped with state of the art technology and accommodates the needs of photographers, designers, advertising agencies and television production companies. Pier59 Studios features eleven column-free studio spaces, including a 5,400 square-foot sound stage constructed for live performances, special events, video and commercial projects. Nine studios are conceived for both natural and artificial lighting and are equipped with movable retractable walls to allow for full flexibility and modularity of their unique column-less spaces, to allow for all production needs.