Staff Credits List for the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show 2021

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(Tribe, Inc.)

Hats off to these fine folks who executed a high-energy, high-quality production at the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show featuring The Weeknd. After months of delayed or downsized productions, the live events industry can look upon the credits list from this pandemic-era project with pride in their colleagues and hope for the year ahead. Check out Live Design's ongoing Super Bowl LV Halftime Show 2021 coverage, including production drawings, lighting plots, and interviews here.

Production Staff

  • Executive Producers: Roc Nation
  • Executive Producer: Jesse Collins
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Dave Meyers (Diversified Production Services)
  • Director: Hamish Hamilton
  • Supervising Producer: Aaron Cooke
  • Lighting Designer: Al Gurdon
  • Production Designer: Bruce Rodgers
  • Line Producers: Laura Paganucci, Chelsea Gonnering, and Phil Sino-Cruz
  • Pre-game Producer: Cheryl Alper
  • Pre-Game Associate Producer: Carly Vaknin
  • Talent Producer: Raphael Burne
  • Field Creative Producer: Kristen "KP" Terry
  • Producers: Jeannae Rouzan Clay and Dionne Harmon
  • Rehearsal Producer: James Merryman
  • Finance Director: Chris Covin
  • HT Associate Directors: Hayley Collett and Sara Niimi
  • PG Associate Director / Production Supervisor: Sophia Bonhomme
  • Head Stage Manager: Gary Natoli
  • Stage Managers: Jeffry Gitter, Harve Levine, Donna Parker, Tammy Raab, and Karen Tasch Weiss
  • Art Directors: Lindsey Breslauer, Maria Garcia, Lily Rodgers, and Shelley Rodgers
  • Production Supervisor: Jenny Stanley Kashola
  • Site Coordinator: Darian Reynolds
  • Production Coordinator: Erin Harding
  • DPS Coordinator: Marvin Hickman
  • DPS Production Assistant: Alex Gispert
  • Rehearsal Coordinator: Zachary Figures
  • COVID Management: Catherine Alter, Jake Berkowitz, Katie Karas, Callan Chapman, Chris Chapman, Felicia Chunn, and John Farrentine
  • Special Projects Manager: Liz Hart
  • Special Projects Coordinator: Nikki Sude
  • Charting/Co-Field Director: Jason Olthoff
  • Cast Operations: Amanda Bryant and Rachel Wyle
  • Script Coordinator: Gema Interiano
  • Talent Manager - Pre-game: Kaya Paulus
  • Talent Manager - Halftime: Ylna Edmond
  • Dressing Room Coordinator: Zorita Dorsey
  • Dressing Room Assistants: Luciana Tagliernie and Brandee Rivers
  • Talent Flow: Samara Goldhecht, Samantha Goulet, Christina Mangold, Andrew McDonald, and Marguerite Nguyen
  • SAG/FTRA Coordinator: Natassja Komins
  • IA/TR Coordinator: Jen Gorenc
  • FTM Coordinators: Bryan Ransom and Holly Silber
  • Field Direction Manager: Nancy Olthoff
  • Field Direction Team: Derek Call, Brian Donnelly, Khalid Freeman, Roshad Gunter, Amy Holt, Jamie Isley, Jamye Olthoff, Loren Picciarelli, Tim Smith, and Neysha Anderson Whiten
  • Cast Operations Team: Demetrios Anastasiow, Ryan D'Silva, Adiac Mayorga, and Eddie Pabone
  • Production Assistants:
    • Backlit: Tullio Bettolo and Jonathan Wampler
    • COVID: Carshaun Davenport, Raizza Borja, Tate Colonna, Kyle Comacho, Suzanne Faison, Douglas Freer, Kyle Fritsche, and Andrew Raffelson
    • Logistics: Matthew "Blake" Gill, Matthew Sickmiller, Kyle Wilson, and Shawn Zaitlik
    • Radio: Joshua Bain
  • Power Drafter: Nathan  Wilson
  • Safety & Risk Control Consultant: Tony Bahno

Graphics Staff

  • Screens Producer: Drew Findley
  • Screens Content Associate: Dan Efros
  • Animator: Kevan Loney

Staging, Rigging & Set

  • Staging Supervisor: Tony Hauser
  • Head Rigger: Carsten Weiss
  • Riggers: Jack Blacketer, Joel Magarian, Jorge Monzon, Joel Olbeira, and Marius Weiss
  • Staging Coordinators: Shalah Cave, Scott Chase, Matt Gorenc, Dylan Hauser, Glenn Ingram, and Tony Menditto

All Access

  • Manufacturing Design: Erik Eastland
  • Staging Supervisor: Tim Fallon Jr
  • Project Manager: Tommy Rose
  • Head Carpenter: Roger Cabot
  • CAD lead/Automation Lead: Zack Eastland
  • Automation Technician & Fabrication Lead: Fidel Garza
  • Lead Staging Technician: Jesus Arroyo 
  • Head Rigger: Bill Spoon
  • Rigger: Marc Knowles
  • Staging Technician/Fabricator: Julio Rocha
  • Hydraulics/Automation Technician: Dale Jewett
  • Hydraulics/Staging Technician: Nick Berg
  • Staging Technician: Christian Davis 
  • Electro-mechanical Technician: Talus Jarvis

Atomic Design

  • Scenic Shop Labor: Matthew Anastasio, Adam Curry, Andrew Good, Brendan Leahy, and Jeremy Yunkin
  • Scenic Shop Project Manager: James Rogers


  • Scenic Shop Labor: Shane Ekis, Josh Levin, Logan Lower, and Emma Reichard


  • Lighting Directors: Ben Green and Jeff Nellis
  • Lighting Directors / Programmers: Mark Humphrey and Eric Marchwinski
  • Lead Gaffer: Alen Sisul
  • Lead Best Boy: John Cox
  • Best Boys: Alex Flores and Dennis Sisul
  • Best Boys / Spotlights: Adam Hagin, Mikey Smallman, and Daisy Toledo
  • Stadium Lighting: Michael Dodge
  • Pre-vis Tech / Systems Tech: Nick Coauette


  • PRG Chief Tech: Robb Minnotte
  • PRG Team: Don Burkhart, Megan Flanagan, Morgan Kellum, and Christopher Nye


  • Tech Producer: Tim Kubit
  • Vision Mixer: Rod Wardell
  • Technical Director: Eric Becker
  • House PA Mixer: Alex Guessard
  • Music FOH Mixer: Dave Natale
  • Production Mixer: Tom Holmes
  • Monitor Engineer: Tom Pesa
  • A2 Lead: Donald "Skip" Kent
  • A2s: Shawn King, Justin Miller, and Craig Rovello
  • TV PL: Bill Saltzer
  • Music Truck EIC: Joel Singer
  • Music Truck A2 / Driver: James Goldsmith
  • Music Truck: Michael Witzer
  • Cameras:
    • HH: Robert Del Russo
    • Railcams: Kevin French and Shaun Harkins
    • Towercam: Jay Kulick
    • Stedi Cams: Jeff Latonero and Tore Livia
    • PED: Allen Merriweather
    • HH/Mini Jib: Jofre Rosero
  • Railcam Techs: Rick Compeau, Jonny Harkins, and Brian Sheid
  • Camera Engineers: Vince Warburton and Dave West
  • Lead Camera Assist: Adam Kirschhoffer
  • Camera Assists (local): Joe Boylan, Gabe Napolitan, Brandon Ponticelle, and Willem Van Vark
  • Tape / EVS Operator: Mark Katz
  • Director of Photography: Emelie Scaminaci
  • Editor: Guy Harding
  • Assistant Editor: Kari Keavenrich
  • Video Control: John "JM" Hurley and Ian Fleisher
  • Head Utility: Angel Vazquez
  • Utilities: Tony Arpaia, Robert Brown, Kris Chaikowsky, and Joe Shack
  • Utility (Fiber): Kit Donovan
  • Utility (Fiber - Local): Jim Washburn
  • Utilities (Steadi): Austin Rock and John Escudero
  • Utilities (Local): Jose Fernandez and Jim Muenstar
  • Sweetener: Christian Schrader
  • Pro Tools: Ebiut Cervantes
  • Tech Supervisor: James Coker
  • Denali EIC: Chris Sullivan
  • Denali Engineer: Pete Dahlstrom
  • Denali Broadcast Facilities Engineers: Joe Heck and Ricky Webb
  • Denali Drivers: Albert Gillner, Frank Lewis, and John Samler

Pyro & Special Effects


  • COO: Bob Ross
  • CEO: Stephen Vitale
  • VP of Live Events: Rocco Vitale
  • Director of Live Events: Ronald Bleggi
  • Designer / Show Producer: Phillip Stewart
  • Scripting Coordinator: Jason Farrell
  • Senior Project Manager: Danielle Sawtell
  • Project Manager / Show Technician: Ray Anthony Robles
  • Warehouse / Show Technicians: Robert (RJ) Racella and Alexander Smith
  • Laser Specialist: Jesse Parker
  • Technicians: Anthony Amato, Daniel Conrad, Mark Domings, Mark Jones, Jack Kingry, Rey Mangubat, Matthew McCoy, Ryan Merfy, Seth Stiles, Aaron Troutman, Ricardo Valdillez, Bernard Walker, and David Yarbrough
  • Facility Managers: Doug Aller and Spencer Lowry
  • Warehouse Supervisor: Bob Mays
  • Director of Safety & Compliance: Paul Gaffney

LED Masks, Wristbands & Flares


  • Executive Producer: Sophie Blondeau
  • Technical Directors: Christophe Lessard-Drolet and Jacques Vanier
  • Pixel Manager: Samantha Lynn Torres

Flying System

Flying By Foy

  • Flying System: Jaren Conklin, Daniel McGeough, Joseph McGeough, and Dylan Trujillo

Stage Video & Projection

  • LED Technicians: Graham Buttrey, Luke Pilato, Rod Silhanek, Michael Spencer, and Deroy Trace
  • Media Server Programmer: Jason Rudolph
  • Media Server Technician: Tim Nauss

PA & Monitors

  • Project Manager: Paul Liszewski
  • Crew Chief: George Schwartz
  • Engineer in Charge: Kirk Powell
  • Stadium PA Mixer (Game Day Production): Jack Bowling
  • A2: Graig Greco
  • Compound Manager / Stadium Crew: Peter Baigent
  • Rack Room Engineer: Luis Montes De Oca
  • RF Engineer: Gary Trenda
  • RF Techs: Don Kuser and Kasey Gchachu
  • Production Office Manager: Amber Brown and Jim Sanders
  • Monitor Lead: David Ingels
  • Production Support: Zinnia Harper
  • Monitor A2: John Protzko
  • Stadium & Monitor Crew: Danny Lane and Bill Brungard
  • Stadium Crew / Quad Leader: Dave Caldwell, Jay Helgedalen, and Bryan Kiger
  • Staidum PA Optimizer: Scott Harmala
  • Entertainment Mix A2: Brian Bednar
  • ATK General Manager: Brett Valasek


The Weeknd 

  • Manager: Wassim "Sal" Slaiby
  • Day-to-Day Manager: Melissa Mahood
  • Creative Direction: La Mar Taylor and Es Devlin
  • Lighting Director: Jason Baeri
  • Choreography: Charm La'Donna
  • Tour Manager: Matthew Petroff
  • Production Manager: Robert DeCeglio
  • Supervisor: Franklin Delacruz
  • Audio Engineer: Derek Brenner 
  • Audio Engineer: Tom Syrowski
  • Audio Producer: Brendan O'Brien
  • Playback Engineer: Eric White
  • Monitor Engineer: Lewis Lowder
  • Audio Engineer/Vocal FX: Carl Golembeski
  • Videographer: Dylan Coughran
  • Makeup: Christine Neull
  • Hair/Barber: Daronn Carr
  • Wardrobe: Breaunna Trask and Matthew Henson
  • Musical Director/Guitar: Patrick Greenaway
  • Drums: Richardo Lewis
  • Keys/bass: Ledaris Jones
  • Backline Tech: Kyle Kanzigg and Bradley Sanders
  • Production Assistant: Sara Bennett
  • Stage Manager: Chris Wilson and Sean Micheal Kohl
  • Dressing Room Assistant: Sean Patrick Murphy Jr.
  • Stylist Assistant: Brittany Byrant

National Anthem - Jasmine Sullivan & Eric Church

  • Music Director: Adam Blackstone
  • Audio: Jaymz Hardy-Martin
  • Pro Tools: Danny Chueng

NFL Staff

  • Chief Media & Business Officer: Brian Rolapp
  • EVP, Club Business & League Events: Peter O'Reilly
  • Director, Event Entertainment: Seth Dudowsky
  • Sr. Manager, Remote Planning: Ashleigh Wilkes
  • Senior Director, Event Operations: Eric Finklestein
  • Director, Event Presentation: Tim Tubito
  • Vice President, Broadcasting: Onnie Bose and Cathy Yancy
  • Senior Director, Broadcasting: Blake Jones
  • Producer, Game Presentation: Bob Becker
  • Producer, Post Game Show: Michael T. Fiur
  • Associate Producer Post Game Show: Jennifer Bretschneider
  • Audio: Audiotek
  • Camera Rentals: AVS
  • Fiber: Apache
  • LED: Fuse
  • Legal: Roc Nation
  • Rigging: Stage Rigging
  • Video Trucks: NEP Denali

Roc Nation

  •  JAY-Z, Desiree Perez, Jana Fleishman

Blue Media

  •  RJ Orr, Tug Orr, Carlos Aranguren, Shane Furey, Molly Waddington w/ GMR Marketing.

Unions & Guilds

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