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Land Rover Launches Branded Experiential Music Festival in Coachella Valley

4xFAR, presented by Land Rover, is a two day music festival in Coachella Valley in California. Hosting musical performances, health and wellness classes, yoga, climbing, fly fishing, and 15 acres of a custom off-road course to test drive the upcoming 2020 Land Rover Defender, the festival looks to be a combination of experiential marketing and community building for the brand.

As festivals continue to evolve, and events continue being unique and powerful opportunities for brands to connect with customers and new audiences, new experiential branded events have been spawned.  Instead of sponsoring an activation at a major music festival like Coachella, brands are creating their own festivals.

Land Rover has announced 4xFAR, a 2 day festival in Coachella Valley in California. 


We've seen music festivals continue to embrace additional forms of entertainment, and 4xFAR is doing just that with activities like yoga, panel conversations, fly-fishing demos, photography, survival workshops, mountain biking, premium dining add-ons, climbing, wine tastings, and more.

Producing its own festival, as opposed to sponsoring an activation at an existing music festival, allows Land Rover to control all aspects of its brand involvement.  Plus, what festival really has room for a Land Rover activation comprising a 15 acre off-road course for test drives?

The event looks  aligned with Land Rover's marketing and messaging, aimed at individuals who like the outdoors.  Similarly the event looks to be focused on a demographic with a higher disposable income than someone in their highschool or college years.  The festival will provide Land Rover with unique opportunities to get their products into the hands of music and outdoors lovers alike, with Land Rover test drive, out-of-the-car demos, and workshops, and more.

The event was produced the Corso Agency, which brings music festival experience to the 4xFAR festival: "For 25 years I have had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the best festival producers in the world. We had the chance to take our deep music festival knowledge and push the boundaries of social gatherings to create something different and special with 4xFAR, partnering with Land Rover whose core values are rooted in going above and beyond, enabled us to make this a reality. 4xFAR will deliver an eclectic mix of music, compelling programming, and a magical location."

From organizations like Red Bull to Amazon, we've seen a number of consumer brands embrace events, and in some cases multi-day festival experiences, as ways to get their brands and products into the hands of existing and new potential customers.  Experiential marketing agencies are continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries in events and brand activations, and brands are looking for more opportunities to create experiences with customers, so we are expecting to see branded festivals continue to be announced.

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