What is ESTA Anyway?

ESTA is:
The Entertainment Services and Technology Association.
Your trade association.
Volunteers from all over the world coming together to Build the Business of Show Business by:
Writing standards for safe practices and use of equipment;
Developing a Certification Program for Entertainment Electricians and Riggers;
Giving you tools and learning opportunities to help you run your business;
Representing you when regulations are proposed that would inhibit your ability to work;
Creating a Foundation to teach up-and-coming technicians and aid existing ones in distress;

ESTA is: A group of dedicated and industrious people – just like you – who are determined to make this industry safer and stronger.

ESTA is: Your chance to shape the future of your industry.

ESTA is: YOUR trade association, by you, for you, about you.

Get involved today and make your world a better place. Go to www.esta.org or visit booth 2512 for more information.