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Visual Wizardry With Laura Frank
Tuesday, July 25 @ 2pm EST
Webcast sponsored by d3

Join Laura Frank, screen producer and content management guru, for a Live Design webcast as she discusses her role as a creative partner, technologist, visualist, and editor, as she takes the genesis of the designer's concept and makes it technically possible for productions of all sizes.


During this webcast Laura Frank will discuss:

  • Her role on a production, from TV to concerts to corporate events.
  • Screens workflow.
  • How to prepare visual design for any media server.
  • Examples from specific projects.

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 Presenter Laura Frank:

Laura Frank started programming moving lights in the late 90s when there were still few people with this skill set. With Vari*Lite's support, she was trained on the Artisan control console in 1994 and many other control systems followed from there. During the summer of 2001, in response to developing products like LSD's Medusa and Catalyst, she took six weeks off to train in Photoshop & After Effects. She now owns her company, Luminous FX, LLC, and has worked in various worlds of entertainment, including television, film, theatre, concerts, and corporate events. She has programmed lighting and media for various musical artists, including David Bowie, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Martina McBride, and more. Her credits also include Broadway productions Matilda The Musical and Shrek The Musical, broadcast events Latin Grammy Awards and People’s Choice Awards, and the 2003 film School Of Rock. She leads the field in technical excellence in media technology.