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On Demand: Video Projection & the Broadway Show

On Demand: Video Projection & the Broadway Show

Video Projection & the Broadway Show

Webcast sponsored by Panasonic

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 | 2PM ET / 11AM PT

The webcast will review the historical background and current applications of video projection technology in live theater. Beginning in the early ‘90s, slide transparency projection gave way to video technology as the primary method for adding electronic visual media to a stage production. On Broadway and on the road, numerous productions rely on video projection technology to support the narrative, enhance the scenic design and provide visual effects. 

Using recent Broadway productions as case studies, the webcast will review the practical issues, from technical to cultural, that influence projection applications in the theater and explore how today’s state-of-the-art large venue projectors are used to maximize the audience experience.


Throughout a 40-year career in the entertainment technology business, Josh Weisberg has experienced each of the evolutionary leaps in sound, video, and lighting technology from a seat in the front row. Combining a rare level of business management and technical engineering acumen, Weisberg has a keen understanding of the mechanics of running a technology business as well as the engineering and design chops clients rely on for all types of projects. Currently working as a technology and business consultant (having stepped down from the leadership role at Scharff Weisberg and WorldStage in 2017), Weisberg utilizes his expertise in large-screen display design as well as other event technologies for clients in the event, arts, theater, and spectacle sectors.

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