Watt I'm Using Now: Lamps


Everyone in New York is green with conscience. From the LEDs adorning the tree at Rockefeller Center to the recycled confetti fluttering over the crowd for New Year's, the city has been working overtime to lessen its detrimental impact on the environment. One of the newer products on the market that I'm really excited about is Osram Sylvania's aluPAR. As a designer, I like that it packs more of a punch than your standard PAR64 lamp. As an electrician, I like that it's half the weight of its predecessors. As a citizen of the world, I like that you can separate the aluminum and glass from the lamp and recycle them. Spin the bottle, and give it a kiss. This is one fantastic lamp!
Christina Watanabe, freelance lighting designer master electrician, Urban Stages, New York, NY

My current favorite is the Ushio HPL575/115X — long lasting, good color temperature, dependable. Going back in time, I always liked the GE 750 T12/9. Again, good color temperature, reasonable life expectancy, and durable. But my all-time favorite was the 3000 T32/C13-D. With its mogul bi-post base and massive filament — that was a lamp. Specified for the Kliegl Dynabeam, when you had one of those in hand, you knew the true feeling of power in light! The $800 list price in the last few years of the manufacturer added even more respect!
D. Andrew Gibbs, chair, Department of Drama University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR