Tunnel Chicago: Unconventional Cool In Chicago

Nestled above the renowned John Barleycorn in River North, Chicago's newest premier lounge, Tunnel, opened its doors in February 2015.

Click through the images by Marcin Cymmer Photography to read more about the venue, and check out the credits below.


Architecture Firm:
 Special Projects, Chicago, IL
Interior Design Firm:
 slick+designusa, Chicago, IL

Interior Design Project Team: Rocco Laudizio, Mercia Givogre
General Contractor: EMC, Inc.
Purchasing Firm: slick+designusa


Lighting Design: slick+designusa and EMC, Inc.
 Special Projects, Chicago, IL
Graphics + Logo Designs: David Bozic Art


Cocktail Tables:
 EMC, Inc.
 David Bozic Art
Illuminated Art Panels: Al Vallejo Design Studio
Illuminated Art Panel Frames: EMC Inc.
Metal Ceiling Grid for LED: slick+designusa
LED Ceiling System:
 Madrix Professional 3D Tubes, Installed by Michael Gonzalez + Bing Zhou
Wall Panel LED: 
Environmental LED, Installed by EMC, Inc.
Sound System:
 Martin Audio, Symetrix Installed by Encompass AV
Video System:
 Tovis Video Wall Panels Installed by Encompass AV

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