Slime Time


In March, entertainment mogul Nickelodeon launched “Slime Across America,” a fully interactive experience that brings the network's iconic green slime to kids across the country. Nickelodeon partnered with Oasis, a Seattle-based event marketing firm, to create this custom-designed 18-wheel Slime Mobile.

The biggest design challenge was fitting an entire game show and two separate interactive areas into 420sq-ft. with height limitations of 13' while driving on highways. A 53' flatbed trailer provided the main foundation and a 8'×24' foldout apron was added for extra performance space. Branded roof components and signage fold out to provide additional height and visibility when the unit reaches each destination. In classic Nickelodeon style, slime is dispensed from a 24'-wide trough hidden 8' above the stage deck. Custom-designed inflatables serve as hubs for additional activities.

For additional photos and sketches, check out the Design Gallery.

Project Team For Slime Across America

Agency: Oasis Productions Inc., Seattle, WA

Design: Gipson Design Group, White Plains, NY

Fabrication: Dillonworks, Mukilteo, WA

Inflatables: Big Air Productions, Poulsbo, WA

Green Screen Technology and Online Data Collection: Wishoo, Indianapolis, IN

Vehicle Graphic Production: Rainier Industries, Seattle

Audio and Video Design: SP3, Farmington, CT

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