Robe Installed At Byblos

Robe moving lights have been installed at Glasgow, Scotland's Byblos nightspot– a 900 capacity venue housed on Albion Street in the Merchant City area of town.

Andrew O'Neill of Glasgow-based design and installation company Flashlite specified the lights. "As always from an installers viewpoint, reliability is a key factor. You need fixtures that are going to work with an absolute minimum of fuss and maintenance," he notes.

Byblos has two main rooms and a VIP bar. It's independently owned by three individuals, two of who are local nightclub industry movers and shakers, and all of them appreciate the advantages of good production values.

"They wanted a quality installation," explains O'Neill. “And they were prepared to spend some money on it, which is always good”.

One of the main issues was the low ceiling height, so O'Neill chose from the smaller Robe Scan 575 XT and ColorSpot 250 AT ranges. They are neat enough to tuck out of the way, even with low headroom.

Byblos plays a broad range of music, embracing house, chart R 'n' B, and mainstream trance. O'Neill needed to make the venue as dancey and versatile as possible. Furniture is relatively minimal and fully reconfigurable with most of the space dedicated to the dancefloor.

In Room One, he went for scans for their extra speed, choosing six Robe Scan 575 XTs, then adding 6 Robe ColorSpot 250 ATs, chosen for their optics and varied effects, plus a mirror ball for disco moments, all controlled by a Robe DMX 1024.

Room Two features the smaller Robe ClubSpot 150 CT, four ClubScan 250 CTs, and four ClubRoller 250 CTs, along with three DMX Control 24 Pros encased in a custom panel.

O'Neill says of the Club Range: "It's basically an upgraded version of Robe's original XT range, which was also excellent. It is our preferred range for low ceiling environments that require extra punch." He adds that he likes the controllers because they are virtually "tamper proof" once programmed, yet also leave scope for the more adventurous LJs to add their own programmes.

Byblo’s VIP room will also feature Robe with four ClubSpot 160 CTs, four ClubScan 250 CTs, and two DMX Control 24 Pros.

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