Event Sustainability: ICC Sydney Prioritizes Local and Low Carbon Menu for 2023

Although the events industry as a whole is still lacking when it comes to sustainability goals and initiatives, many organizations are making changes where they can, and eventprofs and attendees can expect to see these efforts come through on F&B menus next year.

For example, ASM Global recently partnered with plant-based food provider Wicked Kitchen to bring more vegan options to its venues in North America, and several venues in the UK have begun trialing carbon menu labeling.

Australia’s ICC Sydney is making similar changes to its recently released 2023 Menu Collection, which was developed by its in-house culinary team. The menus include low carbon options that are clearly labeled to help event organizers make informed choices about their event meals.

These changes are in line with ASM Global’s (which operates the venue) ACTS corporate social responsibility initiative, as well as the Joint Meetings Industry Council’s Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, and the new menus also help support First Nations owned businesses, which has been an important part of ICC Sydney’s recent initiatives. The menus feature foods from over 130 local producers, which helps further limit their environmental impact, and the venue’s wine list is also completely local.

“ICC Sydney’s exemplary culinary team has selected the highest quality fresh and seasonal produce to create world class dishes that have been reviewed to estimate the carbon footprint associated with the farming, harvesting, production, and transportation of ingredients,” said Geoff Donaghy, ICC Sydney CEO and Group Director, Convention Centres, ASM Global (APAC). "[The] new menu gives event organisers the opportunity to make a positive contribution to our planet, as well as our suppliers, as we continue to add more First Nations businesses to our supply chain.”

Lynell Peck, ICC Sydney Director of Culinary Services, added, “In classic ICC Sydney style, our new Menu Collection caters for all event formats and delegate palates. With a focus on sustainability and diversity, event organisers can make informed choices from across 186 low carbon options […] We couldn’t be more excited to make a positive difference through our Menu Collection in 2023, supporting our clients to make sustainable food and beverage selections.”