Enticing Lighting By Entec

Entec Lighting is supplying all equipment and crew to Renegade Productions and lighting designer Nick Gray for an installation at the Entice corporate event venue in London’s Canary Wharf district.

Catering and hospitality specialists Dish are running the three-room, tented venue that holds up to 3,000 people. It is hosting a series of parties and events during the holiday season, aimed at attracting locally based Canary Wharf companies keen on capitalizing on the convenience of having corporate festivities on their doorstep.

Renegade is supplying the creative lighting design by Gray, plus coordinating supply of all the technical infrastructure and hardware including lighting, sound, video, staging, set, and power. Sculptivate is looking after all the set, scenic, and dressing elements, with design by Andy Cobb. Renegade’s Jonny Gaskell recently completed the Magic Numbers UK tour with them as lighting contractor and is working with Gray.

Gray used the lighting to bring an upbeat, party atmosphere to the venue, to make it feel cosy, subtle, and elegant. Guests enter Entice through a winding hallway decorated with “icy” scenic stalactites made from white scrim, lit with 30 PARs, four Martin MAC 250s near the entrance and some egg strobes, evoking a glacial feel. They then pass into a large reception area, which has a central bar illuminated with internally mounted fluorescents, and vintage chandeliers lit with MAC 600s rigged onto a central truss. These include 12 MAC 600s, 12 Source Four profiles, and 30 PARs. Internally lit tables are dotted around the space and the walls are also up-lit with assorted PARs. The dining room is a larger space with tables, a stage, video screen upstage (supplied by XL Video), and a large white dancefloor.

One of the most striking lighting features in here are 60 vari-sized spun fibreglass Random Lights by Moooi, which are dotted around the ceiling above the tables, introducing a festive feel to the room. They are lit primarily by 14 PC Beams (seven per side) on low-level podiums down either side of the room, which blast across the Random Light line producing a light-beam roof effect.

There is also a 35 metre long central truss running down the room, containing 40 PARs for a general table and room wash, and a load of P36 pinspots to highlight the table centers, which have to be refocused daily as the table configurations vary from night to night. Two additional 17 metre trusses flank either side of the main one, loaded up with Martin 12 MAC 250 Plus’s and Mac 300s for the dancefloor.

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