Anthem Of The Seas: We Will Rock You Debuts At Sea

Anthem Of The Seas: We Will Rock You Debuts At Sea

Anthem of the Seas: Will Rock You Debuts at Sea

Courtesy Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International is the first cruise line to feature fully licensed, Tony Award-winning Broadway productions, and its newest smartship Anthem of the Seas is now host to a production of We Will Rock You, based on the music of Queen.

Written by British comedian Ben Elton, the original production's credits include production design and video direction by the late Mark Fisher of Stufish, lighting design and video direction by Willie Williams, sound design by Bobby Aitken, and costume design by Tim Goodchild. The adapted production aboard Anthem features the work of Royal Caribbean's production designers Gerry Hariton & Vicki Baral, assistant scenic designer Andrew Broomell, show automation programmer Trevor Mills, technical director Carl Impey, stage manager/production assistant Jorge Trelles, supernumerary lead stage technician James Zobrist, supernumerary stage technicians Thomas Nikitas, Joshua Perrill, and Tim Karlsen; head electrician Ben Couling; media programmer Jan Suling; automation programmer Trevor Mills; and scenic production by River City Scenic, Inc.

Watch video clips of the new production:

We Will Rock You Partial Lighting List

41      Elation Professional Satura Spot LED PRO     
96      Elation Professional Platinum Wash ZFX PRO    
10      Elation Professional Platinum Spot 5R Extreme    
4        Elation Professional Platinum Spot 35 Pro    
32      Elation Professional Design Brick 70 II    
33      Chauvet Professional Colorado 1 Quad Tour    
8        Chauvet Professional Colorado 2- Quad Zoom    
6        Martin Professional MAC Viper Wash DX  
12      Martin Professional MAC Viper Performance    
13      ETC Source Four LED 19º    
24      ETC Source Four LED 26º    
12      ETC Source Four LED 36º    
16      ETC Source Four LED Zoom 15º -30º    
10      ETC Source Four LED Tungsten 14º    
3        ETC Source Four LED Tungsten 19º    
12      ETC Source Four LED Tungsten 26º    
7        ETC Source Four LED Tungsten 36º   
25      ETC Source Four PAR
20      ETC SmartBar           
4        Le Maitre Hazer          
3        Lycian 2040-25 M2    
32      Major Lighting DWE Blinder
2        Rosco X24 Effect Projector    
8        Main Light FiberLamp        
10      Martin Professional  Atomic 3000    
1        Marin Jem Glaciator X-Stream    
6        Martin Jem AF-1 Fan    
2        MDG ATMe    
2        Look Solutions Tiny Fogger      
5        Look Solutions Viper NT Fog    
1        Look Solutions Viper S Fogger    
2        Laser   

Original Production Designer/Video Director: Mark Fisher
Lighting Designer/Video Director: Willie Williams
Costume Designer: Tim Goodchild
Sound Designer: Bobby Aitken

Consulting General Manager: Peter Gibbon/Hanson
Associate Director: Anthony Edge
Associate Choreographer: Philip Comley
Associate Musical Supervisor: Stuart Morley
Associate Lighting Design: Dieter Broemsen
Associate Sound Design: Simon Sayer
Creative Consultant/Video & Projection Design: Richard Lipson
Assistant Projection/Video Design: Stefan Tribe
Production Designers: Gerry Hariton & Vicki Baral
Assistant Scenic Designer: Andrew Broomell
Show Automation Programmer: Trevor Mills
Technical Director: Carl Impey
Stage Manager & Production Assistant: Jorge Trelles
Supernumerary Lead Stage Technician: James Zobrist
Supernumerary Stage Technicians: Thomas Nikitas, Joshua Perrill, Tim Karlsen
Head Electrician: Ben Couling
Media Programmer: Jan Suling
Automation Programmer: Trevor Mills
Scenic Production: River City Scenic, Inc.

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