Anolis Gets A Great Reception

Anolis LED fixtures have been installed into the Grand Ballroom of the Merrimu Reception Center in Melbourne, Australia and have proved a great hit with director Peter Batziakas’s various clients which range from weddings to corporate events.

Merrimu (a local Koori word meaning “meeting place’) is a venue focused on hosting functions and receptions of all types. The original homestead was built in 1882 and converted into a reception venue in 1955, with the 400 guest-capacity Grand Ballroom added in the late 1960s.

Batziakis took over in 2005 and completely renovated the entire venue, working with interior designer Alistair Sarris from Kinetic Space. Sarris had specified Anolis fixtures and they were installed by the project’s electrical contractors.

Wanting to make Merrimu a unique experience in all ways, he decided that the renovations should include a spectacular color-changing wall washing lighting installation.

The venue features a combination of Anolis ArcSource 3 and 6 fittings. Sixty-five ArcSource 6s downlight all four walls of the rooms, while 32 ArcSource 3s are ensconced into the coved ceiling centrepiece, illuminating the center of the room. All of these are driven by 4 ArcPower 144 drivers, giving independent control over the two areas.

The fixtures will give over 100,000 hours of life at approximately a tenth of the power consumption of using conventional lights for the job. They also require very little maintenance.

The Anolis kit was supplied along with an e:cue control system, featuring a specially customized front page for Merrimu, enabling the selection of different patterns, chases, or looks.

The impact of the lighting scheme has been remarkable. “It creates an amazing sense of atmosphere and occasion,” enthuses Batziakis. “Ambience is crucial to the success and memorable nature of an event, and the lighting really makes this venue very special, imbibing it with its own character and life.”

Merrimu’s busy schedule hosts approximately 12 weddings a month and the rest of the time hosts corporate events.

ULA Group exclusively distributes Anolis and e:cue throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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