Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

Hakkasan Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is a high profile 80,000+sq-ft. restaurant and nightclub, a collaboration between restaurateurs Hakkasan Ltd and nightlife specialists Angel Management Group (AMG).

The venue consists of five levels, with the first two levels housing the Hakkasan restaurant. The main room of the Hakkasan nightclub is on the fourth floor and makes the DJ the center of attention. This space also features a suspended performance platform; both are backed by floor-to-ceiling 6mm high definition LED screens, from Shenzhen Absen, with an area of over 13,400sq-ft.

Elevated above and around the main floor is the mezzanine on the fifth level, which provides a more private VIP area that takes full advantage of the energy of the dance floor.

Hakkasan features cutting-edge lighting, video, and audio designs provided by Audiotek, the Dublin, Ireland-based global provider of sound, lighting, and video consultancy and solutions.

Audiotek worked with lighting designer Andy Taylor on the lighting design for the club’s various different areas. Their lighting equipment is based primarily on the Robe product line of fixtures. They were supported by firms including Las Vegas-based 4Wall Systems & Design out of the Las Vegas office and Miami-based Audio Video Lighting Innovations Inc. (AVLI). All lighting for the main club are controlled via a ChamSys MagicQ MQ 300 Pro console that features 58 playback faders and 64 universes of DMX.

The lighting in the Pavilion can also be controlled from the main club’s ChamSys console, and Taylor designed in four of the Anolis ArcSource 4 MC LED fixtures to illuminate the welcome stage just off the elevator as an introduction to the club.

Local electrical contractor, Sun City Electrical, handled the power and data connections for the installation. The lighting package also includes 20 Martin Professional MAC 350 Entours, 24 Clay Paky Sharpys, and 36 ETC Source Four Lustr+ LED profiles, as well as Elation Professional’s ELAR Quad Panels and ELAR Bars that are used as audience pixel blinders.

The large selection of fixtures used to light the club at Hakkasan are normally controlled via the ChamSys console in the booth; however, in an emergency, an Enttec Datagate Mk2 unit manages the data for the emergency lighting system to take control. Audio Video Lighting Innovations was brought in by AMG to handle the large LED installation in the webbed ceiling of the main club, which has over 25,000 LEDs.

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