Universal Studios Islands of Adventure


With this new project, we hope to show the world just how far the envelope of technology and creativity can be pushed in pursuit of compelling attractions and ultimate environmental storytelling.

This particular adventure will take you through the exotic Port of Entry to the outrageous Seuss Landing, a 14-acre "sculpture" with not a single straight line. Talk about a design challenge! Then it's off to The Dueling Dragons of Lost Continent, followed by Jurassic Park, where you come face to face with a living, breathing triceratops. Toon Lagoon will take you on a wild ride, including under the waters of Lake Veronica on Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls. And finally, get ready to be shot out of a Hulk-sized gamma radiation cannon at 50mph in Marvel Super Hero Island.

So join us here in Orlando next summer, where the adventure is about to begin!