Video For Corporate Events

Corporate events have risen to the level of rock concerts, where video is not just a supporting element but nearly the entire message delivery module. As a production company or rental/stager, it is impossible to ignore the demand for video elements. From iMag and background visuals to Powerpoint, teasers, stingers, and opening presentations, it's essential to understand all forms of video, delivery, and control. Learn how to deal with the client’s expectations and deliver in a big way through your production team and operators. What technologies are out there and what is the best way to take advantage of each one? As the wow factor continues to grow, the video must also do so. Production houses must now meet client demands of wide-blended screens, LED walls, aesthetic screen shapes with network, and projection mapping. Video is an ever-evolving technology: it’s not going away but only getting more complicated and interesting. Kevin Zevchik, president/founder, Zanim8tion, leads this LDI video session.

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