Technical Directors Boot Camp, Part Five

Core training for TD’s, the second annual Technical Director Boot Camp combines of four different sessions in a full-day of training that will prepare anyone for the duties and responsibilities as a technical director. Whether you’re curious to start as a TD, or interested in brushing up on some advanced techniques, this special workshop will benefit technical directors of all levels. This LDI session is led by Tracy Nunnally, owner of Vertigo (formerly Hall Associates Flying Effects), ETCP recognized trainer and Head of the Graduate Theatre Technology Program at the Northern Illinois University School of Theatre and Dance. Watch Part OnePart TwoPart Three, and Part Four!

In this section: An Uplifting Experience! Making Things Go Up and Down

1) Explore the basic problem-solving process for technical elements of a production that do not move horizontally, such as elevators and fly systems (we’ll cover the basics, and then explore situations brought by workshop participants)
2) Learn to analyze the motion profile of a given situation
3) Devise a minimum of three, rational solution sets that would provide the necessary motion.

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