Getting Yourself 3D Ready With ETC Augment3d

(Live Design)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020 | 2PM ET / 11AM PT

For years, the Eos software platform has been providing lighting designers and programmers cutting-edge color tools and advanced control. A favorite on Broadway, the West End, and venues all over the globe, the Eos Family helps bring art to life on a daily basis with its power and precision. With its latest evolution, Eos v3.0 offers a number of software advances, most notably ETC’s first integrated 3D programming environment: Augment3d. This new and exciting tool allows Eos users to control and design in a three-dimensional space. Hear from two ETC insiders, armed with insight from their beta testers, on how this powerful new tool will forever augment the lighting design process for the better, and how you can get your space and your workflow ready for the tool. 

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Luke joined ETC in 1998, working in technical support. Since then, he has also worked in R&D, Sales, and finally Marketing where he helps to launch new products as well as keeping an eye on ETC’s entire entertainment product portfolio (control consoles, power control, rigging, networking, and luminaires). He is very excited to see how Augment3d will further the art of lighting design! 


Nick Gonsman works for ETC in New York City, where he specializes in control, networking, and color theory. He designs control infrastructures, data distribution systems, and writes education content for users of all levels. In the field, he conducts trainings, and supports Broadway & broadcast for controls development. Internally, he sits on the Eos Family Advisory Team, as well as the Controls Steering Team. Outside of ETC, Nick freelances as a designer and programmer for theatre, dance, and live events in the city. In his copious free time, Nick likes to make his own wine.

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