Behind The Scenes Offers Virtual Trainings For Mental Health First Aid & Bystander Intervention

Mental Health First Aid

Become a certified Mental Health First Aider in 2023 and make a real difference. Take an active role in helping to care for those you work with. Expand your skill sets by learning how to identify, understand and respond to signs of distress in your colleagues and help make our workplaces healthier and safer spaces for all. You will be able to use the information you learn every day in interactions with your co-workers as well as friends and family.

Mental Health First Aid virtual classes are posted for January and February at The course is delivered in two parts. The first is a 2 hour self-paced online course that must be completed prior to a 6 hour virtual live instructor led session.

The registration fee is $125. IATSE Members and those working under IATSE agreements may be eligible for Training Trust Fund reimbursement upon proof of successful completion of the course. A limited number of partial and full scholarships are available to individuals not eligible for reimbursement. Private group classes of 10 -25 are available – contact [email protected] for information. Training for Canadians is available through the AFC at

Bystander Intervention in the Entertainment Workplace

Do you know how to safely intervene if you see a co-worker being bullied or intimidated? Did you know there are different ways to intervene to match your comfort level? In just 90 minutes you will learn five easily accessible tools, illustrated by relevant scenarios, for use in any workplace to safely intervene without the worry of retaliation. The next free webinar is on Monday, February 6th at 7pm EST. Additional webinars will be offered on April 30th and July 17th.

The webinars are free but advance registration is required in order to receive the zoom login. Please visit to select a registration link for the date of your choice.

Bullying, harassment and intimidation is a common workplace stressor throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry. These behaviors create a physically and psychologically unsafe workplace for everyone. This training will teach you how to safely intervene and help to make a difference.

Behind the Scenes is partnering with Right To Be, a social justice organization that specializes in education around bullying and harassment, to present these free webinars. Principal Right To Be trainer, Dax Valdes, an experienced entertainment industry professional, will lead these interactive sessions that ensure attendee anonymity.

This webinar is offered as part of an ongoing “Stop Bullying” campaign by the BTS Mental Health Initiative. Available resources include a set of posters to raise awareness of words, actions and behaviors that constitute bullying, harassment or intimidation; information for those who are targets of, or bystanders to, bullying behavior; information to empower individuals to Be Informed, Be Aware, Show Support, and Take Action; and a sample policy and procedures to identify, investigate and resolve instances of bullying, harassment or intimidation and to provide support to those who experience these behaviors.

Visit to see all the available tools and resources in our Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative.