Artistic Innovations In Visual Technology And Practical Applications For The Events World

In today’s fast-paced, visual-based world, digital media has augmented hard sets and painted backdrops. This “digital scenery” is ubiquitous on Broadway, award shows, and television, but LED and projection technology can only go so far unto itself. The art and the design of the visual imagery displayed on these surfaces are what set apart the best of today’s productions.

In this LDI2017 video session, join president of Extraordinary Events, Andrea Michaels, in a conversation with artistic director of Entertainment Design Corporation, Jeremy Railton, co-founder and CEO of Brite Ideas, Greg Christy, and founder of StudioHyphen, Kate Johnson, one of the industry’s rising stars, who is creating from an artist’s point of view and developing stunning visual statements for her events utilizing informed designs and thoughtful execution. This session will explore content creation that utilizes technology to its fullest advantage.

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