Aerial Rigging Training Flies High At LDI 2023

From flying Peter Pan to Spider-Man as well as circus casts and dancing acts, high-flying aerial rigging training is on the roster at LDI 2023! Taught by riggers extraordinaire Jonathan Duell* and Eric Rouse*, a full-day aerial rigging class, part of the LDInstitute takes place on Saturday, December 2 (9:30-5:30am) at AG Productions in Las Vegas, and carries 7 ETCP renewal credits for ETCP certified riggers. Lunch and transportation provided.

Defying Gravity: An Introduction To Aerial Acrobatic, Circus and Dance Rigging: This intensive participatory workshop will address the principles and practices of rigging for circus, acrobatic, and aerial dance performance.

Beginning with entertainment rigging fundamentals, the workshop will assist participants in developing a solid understanding of the implications of dynamic loading on rigging systems. Featuring practical demonstrations using computerized load-cell technology, it will explore typical scenarios and provide access to an array of skills and techniques for safe and effective performance rigging. Workshop topics will include in-depth discussion of the ANSI E1.43 Performer Flying Standard, its key provisions, and its practical applications.

“While we will touch on issues related to automation and theatrical performer flying, the main focus of this particular workshop is on manual rigging for circus-style and aerial dance performance. Fundamentally, we will treat acrobatic rigging as an extreme dynamic application of the principles and practices underlying all good entertainment rigging, both Arena and Theatrical,” says Duell.This workshop is suitable for entertainment riggers and anyone involved in design, production, performance or risk management for aerial performance. It can also useful for venue and local personnel faced with the increasing number of touring shows and visiting artists incorporating aerial elements into their productions.

The workshop is taught by Jonathan Duell* and Eric Rouse*, two ETCP Recognized Trainers with decades of specialized experience in rigging for aerial performance, and members of the Task Team responsible for the development of revised ANSI E1.43 Standard.

* For more than 45 years, Jonathan Duell has been a show business maid-of-all-work, serving as a producer, designer, stage manager, technical supervisor, rigger, and educator with theatrical and musical productions, circuses, and special events around the United States and internationally. Read more here.

**Eric Rouse brings more than 25 years in the entertainment business as a rigger, rigging trainer, inspector, and project manager. He has done rigging training for more than 10 years for clients such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, Cirque du Soleil, ETC, and IATSE. Read more here.