Tomcat USA Training at LDI2010

Tomcat USA presents a new 1.5-day course, Safely Building the Beast, in the LDInstitute on Wednesday and Thursday, October 20 and 21 in Las Vegas.

This new course includes invaluable information on truss design and usage, roof systems, outdoor structures, and fall arrest, and is designed for all who work with truss and outdoor structures and are interested in design and safety as well as fall arrest. Instructors include Will Todd and Keith Bohn of Tomcat, plus Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging. The course carries 12 ETCP renewal credits.

Day I:
Morning: truss design
• truss usage
• truss theory
• overview of ANSI-E1.2-2006
• reading load tables
• truss inspection

Afternoon: Fall arrest protection overview
• overview of the current OSHA rules and the recent changes to ANSI Z359.1 
• proper harness use.
• proper placement and use of retractable lifelines.
• overview of rescue scenarios. 

Day II: 
Ground Supported Structures & Outdoor Structures: 
 overview of design elements of these structures
• overview of safety considerations when using these structures
• overview of ANSI E1.21-2006
• examples of real world scenarios and their considerations from the Tomcat portfolio
• discussion of attendees' own real world challenges.

This important Tomcat training is part of LDI’s first annual Electrical & Rigging Boot Camp, which also includes:

Stage Rigging Fundamentals, Two-Day Course

Ohm's Law and Order: Essential Electrical Training

Left Brain Rigging: An A-Z On Math And How It Applies to Rigging

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