Xi'an Incident: 80 Years Of Technology Later

For the 80th anniversary of the 1936 Xi'an Incident, which led the opposing parties in the Chinese Civil War to unite against Japan, the Shaanxi Tourism Group produced an eponymous play of advanced lighting, sound, and multimedia technologies, all housed at Yaoguang Pavilion Theatre, the location of the historic event. Nearly 700 actors re-enacted the incident amongst twenty 30' soft LED screens displaying projections. Content from the 36 laser projectors was controlled via 48 DVI outputs from three d3 4x4 pro media servers, supplied by Redline. A '3D sound system' comprised 50 Amadeus speakers (8 UDX 8s, 40 UDX 15s, and 6 ML 28s), supplied by Guangzhou Sign King ET Co., Ltd., 15 Lab.gruppen amplifiers (12 C68s and 3 FP14000s), a Sonic Emotion Wave II 3D wave field synthesis rendering processor, and a DiGiCo S21 digital mixing console.

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