Turbosound Loudspeakers Blend Into Historic University Hall

Bonython Hall, the great hall of Australia’s University of Adelaide, was built in 1936 thanks to a donation from local dignitary, politician, and journalist, Sir Langdon Bonython. Sitting like a cathedral at the center of the University, Bonython Hall is a grand Gothic statement whose stone towers and arches, church-like windows, and exquisite interior panelling made it a worthy candidate for listed status—and a potential headache for audio installation companies.

Used for a wide range of functions from university exams and graduation ceremonies, to conferences, weddings, funerals, and presentations, the hall’s architecture is marvellous to look at, but the hard surfaces don’t lend themselves to good acoustics. The problem was compounded by the type of loudspeakers and the locations in which the existing system had been installed. It was these issues that have recently been resolved by the installation of Turbosoundloudspeakers.

When pro audio distributor Audio Telex was approached by the University to improve the hall’s audio facilities, EASE modelling and an onsite demonstration proved that replacement of the existing loudspeakers with Turbosound QLight™ enclosures would be the optimum solution.

Installed by the Adelaide branch of AV Central, the new system features two main loudspeakers, two delays, and two balcony delays, all from the Turbosound QLight™ range which have been custom-colored to blend unobtrusively with the hall’s decor.

The main speakers are compact 3-way TQ-445s, the delay speakers are TQ-310s, and the balcony speakers are TQ-308s. All are powered by a combination of Lab.gruppen fP Series and iP Series amplifiers. The system is processed by a MediaMatrix X-Frame88 and can run in live mode with an external mixing console or in presentation mode where the system is controlled by a touch screen.

Since its installation, the University has pronounced itself very pleased with the system and the success of the Bonython Hall loudspeakers has led directly to a second Turbosound system being installed as part of a major ongoing refurbishment to another of the University’s venues, the Union Hall theatre.

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