Throwback Tony Award-Winning Sets For Musicals

Throwback Tony Award-Winning Sets For Musicals

Eugene Lee's set design for Wicked won a Tony Award in 2004.

No matter how many years it may run or how many times you may see it, these Tony Award-winning sets never cease to stun crowds. Seriously. How many times did you see The Lion King and how many times did you want to see it again immediately? The sound, the costumes, the scenery, the lighting—everything contributes to that wonderful experience. Here Live Design highlights the scenic design in particular, focusing on a few key throwback musicals.

1999, Richard Hudson for The Lion King

The creative team of The Lion King discuss how Richard Hudson sets the scene of the Disney classic. From the richly colored silk blinds that shimmer like the sun in a hazy desert to the Pride Rock staircase which emerges from the floor, Hoover creates an impressive set, earning him a Tony Award in 1999.

2004, Eugene Lee for Wicked

Clockwork gears and motors are the key pieces of Eugene Lee's glamorous set design for Wicked, for which he won a Tony Award in 2004. The creative team worked hard to maintain the integrity of Lee's set when they had to adapt it once the musical went on the road.

2007, Bob Crowley for Mary Poppins

The creative team discusses the challenges in bringing the scenes from the iconic 1964 film onto the stage. Bob Crowley relates his thought process behind the dollhouse-like scenic design that won him a Tony Award in 2007. Crowley speaks at 2:20 in video. The production ran from 2006 to 2013 at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

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