The Theatrical Library Of Dr. Joel E. Rubin Offered For Private Sale

The Theatrical Library Of Dr. Joel E. Rubin Offered For Private Sale

Riverrun Books is representing The Fine Theatrical Library of Dr. Joel E. Rubin for private sale, including works by Rubin himself, and especially those related to the history and practice of theatrical production.

Rubin helped found of The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT), as well as the International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects, and Technicians. With Leland H. Watson, Rubin wrote Theatrical Lighting Practice, published in 1954.

Formed over 50 years, the collection contains over 2,500 books, pamphlets, trade catalogues, and journals; and an archive of photographs, trade circulars, and related material that reveal insights into the development and production of modern theatre. Subjects include: general theatre history, biography, and study; art reference relating to theatre and theatre-specific artists; fashion and costume; puppets; music; opera; dance; ballet; magic and illusion; lighting design; set and stage design; scenery; theatrical architecture; theatre technology; and works in a variety of languages relating to the national theatres of Russia, Germany (including the former East Germany), France, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, and America.

This collection is offered exclusively for en bloc private sale. Please direct inquiries via email to Tom Lecky, Riverrun Books & Manuscripts, or call 914-478-1339.

See the full collection details here.

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