Strong Announces Completion of First Authorized Service Center Training

To ensure proper installation, use and safety education on its industry-leading lighting products, Strong Entertainment Lighting recently completed the first class in its Authorized Service Center program. Through this program, Strong provides training to local dealers worldwide who will provide end users with expert customer service on the company’s line of lighting products.

The first group of technicians in the Authorized Service Center program completed training in late 2005. The second group is now forming by invitation or application, and the two-day session is scheduled to begin on May 11.

“Our customers expect the most professional and qualified technicians to assist them with their Strong products. We are ensuring they receive only the best in service and expertise,” said Paul Rabinovitz, vice president of sales for Strong. “We know that with Strong products, longevity and quality are never the issues. In fact there actually are 57-year-old Super Troupers that still operate. But we are beginning this program–-a first of its kind in this industry–-to provide our customers with the expert service they deserve.”

Strong is the only followspot manufacturer in the United States or Canada offering training comparable to the Authorized Service Center program. Through Strong, local dealers receive formal training through lectures and practical work. At the completion of the course, each student is named a Strong Followspot Authorized Field Service Technician, and his or her company is named an Authorized Field Service Center.

The Authorized Service Centers also will provide on-site, expert technician services for products with expired warranties. “The standard in our industry is simply to drop off the product,” said Rabinovitz. “But we’re committed to seeing our customers through from the installation to the check-ups and maintenance years down the road.”

Strong will continue training and certifying Authorized Service Centers to build a network of convenient service options around the world. For information regarding the Authorized Service Center program, dealers can contact Jack Gallagher, product sales manager, at [email protected].

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