Scenes From 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games was held Friday, August 5 at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Creative directors for the ceremony were Fernando Meirelles, Daniela Thomas, and Andrucha Waddington. Set design was by Daniela Thomas, and lighting design by Durham Marenghi.​ Marco Balich was the executive producer, and Abel Gomez the creative supervisor. Scroll through the gallery of scenes from the Opening Ceremony, and check out the lighting plot and lighting credits list here.

Video projection for the Opening Ceremony was provided by Panasonic, the Official Worldwide Audio Visual Olympic Partner. Patrice Bouqueniaux, video production/technical designer at ETC OnlyView, was hired for this gig by Cerimõnias Cariocas 2016. The images seen during the Opening Ceremony, highlighting the history of Brazil, were created under the direction of Fabião Soares, co-founder and head of innovation at Oito Zero Oito in Sao Paulo, Brazil and a director at Brazil’s BossaNovaFilms.

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