Projection Master Classes Draws Big Names For Faculty

The Broadway Projection Master Classes (BPMC) kick off in a little more than a week with a faculty that represents a who’s who of the theatre and technology scene in projection design today.

Designer David Gallo will discuss his integrated approach to scenic and projection design, with a case study of Memphis with co-projection designer Shawn Sagady and Steve Gilbard of coolux.

Producer Arianna Knapp of SenovvA will moderate a panel titled, The Next Generation: What Does The Future Hold? Participating will be projection pros William Cusick of Temporary Distortion, Jeffrey Cady of SenovvA (who programmed American Idiot on Broadway), Loren Barton of TMB, and Broadway projection designer Darrel Maloney (American Idiot, Everyday Rapture) for a look into the crystal ball for projection and technology.

A technology roundup during the classes will include a look at what’s new in projection gear, from projectors to screens and media servers. Speakers from coolux, Enttec, Green Hippo/TMB, MA Lighting, and Scharff Weisberg will share their wealth of knowledge.

The BPMC will conclude with a cocktail party that will include presentations for the Live Design Lighting and Projection Products of the Year, Third Annual Excellence Awards, and Wally Russell Award presentations.

Check out more information on all the faculty and courses for all the Broadway Master Classes, or register here.

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