Projection Design for Sweet Land

(Photo by Neil Matsumoto)

A judging panel of entertainment professionals shortlisted Hana S. Kim's design for Sweet Land for the Video & Projection Design Award in the Theatre category in Live Design's 2020 Design Achievement Awards. Vote for the most outstanding projects now!

Photo by Neil Matsumoto

Sweet Land began in the scene called The Contact, where Hana S. Kim's projections were displayed on a scrim surface, with a faint background of city lights seeping through. At The Crossroads, a mythical landscape, ghostly projections were displayed on water mist. The show concluded at the Boneyard for the final projections in the scene Echo and Expulsion, where the city environment itself was used as projection surfaces, including 360' span of North Broadway Bridge facade, 40' by 12' billboard sign, abandoned piece of woods and plastics in the construction site nearby the park. 

“Sometimes the quality of a design cannot be measured in its cleverness or its scale, but rather in its role as a part of the greater theatrical experience. Sweet Land is one of those experiences where each element comes together, at quite a large scale, to produce something that goes beyond the sum of its parts. Lighting design and projection design are sometimes overlooked in productions like this, where the work is not perhaps involved in the latest technology or filled with the most cutting-edge techniques. However, great design is always in the service of the whole and it should be recognized. The projection work in Sweet Land must have been logistically challenging for its scale, but I feel its true value is in the abstraction of imagery it creates to form a unique visual language that is perhaps better matched to the music than the text, better matched to the event than to any standards might dictate.” — Clifton Taylor, lighting designer and judge for the Design Achievement Awards

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