NYU Tisch Virtual Design Show 2020

(NYU Tisch 2020 Virtual Design Gallery)

Enter a virtual gallery and meet the 2020 graduates of the Master of Fine Arts program at NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts Department of Design for Stage and Film. Susan Hilferty, chair, provides a video introduction to the department’s 2020 Design Show, which is completely virtual this year, due to the consequences of COVID-19. So rather than meet the students and see their work at the school, they have brought the work to us in a totally digital environment.

The class of 2020 includes18 graduates of Tisch’s Master of Fine Arts degree, with majors in sets, lighting, costumes, and production:

Set Designers: Avigail Gutfeld, Marisa Kaugars, Ma’moon Tebbo, Lina Younes.

Costume Designers: Stine Dahlman, Allegra Deneroff, Heather Cameron Freedman, Rebecca Kanach, Johanna Pan, Miriam Waldenspuhl

Lighting Designers: Bailey Costa, Chris D’Angelo, Tyler D. Dubuc, Hamilton Guillén

Production Designers: Juliana Barreto Barreto, Marc J. Wheeler, Yulanda Yo-Rong Shieh, Aoshuang Zhang

Their work is digitally displayed in the virtual gallery, where you can browse the work of all the designers, read their bios, linger over their designs, or click directly on the name of any one designer from the directory by major. Click on the images on the wall to get more info and more images for each graduate.

Enter Here.

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