New Vision Church Sees The Light

With its strong focus on multimedia, the New Vision Baptist Church has become one of the fastest growing Houses of Worship in the mid-South. To accommodate its burgeoning congregation, the church recently constructed a new Worship Center, while converting its former main worship chapel into a Youth Center. The construction/renovation project utilized high-tech lighting and staging products from Elation Professional and Global Truss.

Located in a college town, the home of Middle Tennessee State University, the church wanted the new rooms to reflect its orientation toward youth, says Peter Vaque of Springtree Media Group, which provided lighting, staging, audio, and multimedia. “New Vision has always had a large following among college students and young people,” he notes. “It has prided itself on being very state-of-the-art in the area of production and media.”

To give the new Worship Center advanced stage lighting capabilities, Vaque used 24 Design Spot 575E 575W intelligent moving headlights from Elation Professional, along with extensive motorized trussing from Global Truss.

Among the Design Spots’ many features are full CMY color mixing, 12 interchangeable gobos on two wheels, and a Frost feature that allows the unit to convert from a spot to a wash effect. “The Design Spots are used to highlight the activity onstage and create different moods and effects,” Vaque says. “They project a lot of gobos and can create literally millions of color variations.” As a backdrop for the Design Spots to project on, Vaque stretched large segments of trapeze theatrical fabric on pillars of truss.

The Design Spots are rigged on motorized Global Truss trussing over the stage. Utilizing 12 hoist motors, the truss can be not only raised and lowered, but also tilted in various directions--up, down, and to either side. “The trussing in the Worship Center is very unique because it doesn’t only move up and down, it can be tilted too. This provides a lot of positioning options and adds a real high-tech dimension to their stage lighting,” says Vaque

Elation lighting products were also used in the renovation of New Vision’s Youth Center, including Power Spot 575 moving heads, Design 36 MH LED moving heads, and CMY Zoom 575 CMY color mixing fixtures.

Vaque said that he specifies Elation products to churches and other clients because they are generally less expensive than many other brands, yet offer comparable quality and features. “You can spend twice as much or more on professional lighting products, but Elation does everything you need it to do and works well,” he notes.

In addition to lighting and staging, Springtree Media provided sound and multimedia for New Vision’s renovation, using products from a variety of manufacturers, including JBL Speakers, Soundcraft MH3 Console, Hitachi CPX 1250 Projectors, and a Toshiba 63” Plasma Screen.

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