Meet LDI2014 Speaker Al Crawford

Meet LDI2014 Speaker Al Crawford

Al Crawford

Al Crawford has been lighting director for Alvin Ailey Dance Theater for almost two decades, and has toured the world with the company. This interview with Crawford is one of the series of designer podcasrs called "in 1: The Podcast"—featuring theatrical designers in a variety of disciplines—done by lighting designer Cory Pattak. Crawford will be a speaker at LDI2014, participating in two dance lighting sessions: Dance Lighting: What's That In The Background? Cycs, Strips, LEDs, Gobos, And Projections As Backdrops; and Dance Lighting: Setting Up The Rig From Box To Batten. Both sessions are part of the Lighting Summit in the PRG Light Lab as part of the LDInnovation & Technology Conference. LDI2014 runs from November 17-23.

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