Making Art Dance: Set Designs And Costumes On Display

Making Art Dance: Set Designs And Costumes On Display

Mechanics of the Dance Machine, an evening-length piece by choreographer Karole Armitage that premiered at New York Live Arts in 2013. (Photo: Julieta Cervantes)

Making Art Dance celebrates the artists who worked with the "punk ballerina" and American choreographer, Karole Armitage, over the past 35 years. Held at Mana, home of her company Armitage Gone! Dance, the exhibition will feature set designs and costumes from designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Jeff Koons, Christian Lacroix, David Salle, Peter Speliopoulos, and Philip Taaffe, according to Mana Contemporary. 

More than a dozen backdrops will be installed, including Salle's scenery from The Elizabethan Phrasing Of The Late Albert Ayler and Contempt. There will also be costumes from Ne, designed by Christian Marclay, Life Story, and The Mollino Room, as well as fashion designer Speliopoulos' costume sketches. 

The exhibition at Mana will be held from January 11-March 13, 2015. Read more on Mana's website

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