The Lumen Brothers Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Mirror Balls

In this episode of Light Talk, the Lumen Brothers talk about everything from big mirror balls to big bass bottoms. Join lighting designers and educators Steve Woods (SMU), Stan Kaye (University of Florida), and David Jacques (California State University Long Beach), as they pontificate about: Zac Borovray's incredible bass line on the Light Talk Theme Song; where is our tuba player?; Circle Bar legends; Palermo Stories; everything you ever wanted to know about mirror balls; review of the Robe T1; David's book about working in Italy; lighting supervisors vs. master electricians; Drone Focus Deluxe Holiday Accessories; Steve and Stan's "game changing" products; URTA at LDI; where was Rosco?; who would want to mix to R99?; and using movers on straight plays. 

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