Look Solutions Makes Magic For Peter Pan At The Edmund Burke School

Washington, DC’s Edmund Burke School, a 300-student middle school and high school with a growing performing arts and theatre production program, used Look Solutions’ Cryo-Fog low-fog system in a production of J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan. The program stages productions in its own new theatre each trimester.

The school deployed a demo unit, in combination with various lighting effects, to simulate Marooners Rock in the middle of the water. “It worked very well and gave us an interesting, spooky environment,” reports Jonathan Deull, director of production. “The Cryo-Fog created a nice, low fog that lasted and was easy to deal with. The unit is relatively quiet—an important factor when you’re doing a play in an intimate theatre space—and is compact, light, and simple to operate. That’s important since the system was run and managed by our students—and they didn’t have any problems with it.”

The Cryo-Fog uses Look Solutions’ Low-Fog fluid and an external tank of low-pressure liquid CO2 to produce dense clouds of low-lying fog. Cryo-Fog creates low fog straight from the nozzle. Additionally, the Cryo-Fog features an adjustable cooling temperature which allows the height of the low fog to be varied. Fine adjustments of the pump are made in increments of 1% so any desired effect—from a tiny cloud to the thickest fog—can be produced. Heat-up time is approximately 10 minutes. DMX 512 control is standard; a control panel with LED display and simple symbols permits easy operation.

“We’re very pleased with the Cryo-Fog; it did exactly what we needed it to do,” concludes Deull. “We’re also very grateful to Look Solutions for giving us a chance to try it out. This is the system we’ll surely buy.”

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