Look Solutions’ Fog Goes Blue

Look Solutions’ Viper NT puts Blue Man Group in a fog for its new How to Be a Megastar Tour 2.0. The unit, supplied by Jauchem & Meeh, accompanies the innovative performers as they play arena-sized venues and select theaters coast to coast. In the new production Blue Man Group downloads a tongue-in-cheek ‘how-to-manual’ on becoming a rock star. Joined by an eight-piece band, Blue Man Group subsequently take the audience through—step-by-step and song-by-song—every head-bobbing, fist-pumping moment of a real concert.

“The Viper NT fogger is used in a part of the show featuring an incessantly noodling guitarist,” explains props and special effects manager Geoffrey Quelle. “Blue Man lock him a 28x28x7-foot plexiglass chamber which fills with fog. Suddenly, he begins to play melodically.”

Quell adapted the fogger with an inline blower, running it through a homemade chiller which cools the fog and makes it lie low, suspended at the bottom of the chamber. When the door opens, the fog spills out.

“The Viper is a great, dependable, road-worthy fogger that’s been trouble free,” declares Quelle. “Bohdan at Jauchem & Meeh specifically recommended it as the most reliable unit. There’s always the potential for those type of foggers to get clogged and be problematic but the Viper has been easy to work with.”

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