Loh On Followers: Radio, Print, Stage, And Twitter

Loh On Followers: Radio, Print, Stage, And Twitter

Envision Symposium 2014 speaker, Sandra Tsing Loh is causing a ruckus on the radio, in print, on stage, and now Twitter, according to The New York Times. While Ms. Loh laments her mere 900 followers (at time of writing) among the other middle-aged authors attempting to accrue social media status, she has high hopes that tonight, May 19, at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan, her one woman show for her latest book, The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Years of Raging Hormones, at least promises to increase online favorites.

Ms. Loh gained her public radio stardom with her segments “The Loh Life” and “The Loh Down on Science” at KPCC-FM. Ten years ago, Ms. Loh became a featured essayist in The Atlantic magazine, producing pieces, such as “The Bitch Is Back” (2011), detailing her menopause transition, which is the focus of her latest candid and laugh-out-loud novel. Fans appreciate her hilariously frank take on topics, such as monogamous tapeworms, frugality, and public school education, which became “Mother On Fire,” a mirthful and passionate composition.

However, Ms. Loh’s quirky and novel form of expression has made her the subject of the public eye before:

“The star student won a Pushcart Prize for one of her short stories, but she was also dabbling energetically in the performance art modish in the 1980s, synchronizing carwashes to music and commissioning a midnight orchestral serenade to spawning grunion on the beach. Playing a piano piece on a freeway overpass — with ‘a captive audience,’ she pointed out — got her written up in People,” writes Alexandra Jacobs for The New York Times.

Get tickets to her one woman performance of her novel tonight. Come see her at the 2014 Envision Symposium for a witty, enlightening experience. Follow her on Twitter for her enthralling one-liners. 

Read more from The New York Times.

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