Lighting Oslo At Lincoln Center

Tony Award-winner Don Holder has imbued the Lincoln Center Theater production of Oslo with lovely light that shifts the scenes and the time of day in a politically charged drama, which won the 2017 Tony Award for Best Play.

Director Bartlett Sher has once again mastered the stage at the Vivian Beaumont in the Lincoln Center Theater production of J.T. Rogers' Oslo, named Best Play at the 2017 Tony Awards. This multi-layered, highly charged play takes the audience back to the early 1990s and the attempt at peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis by a husband and wife team of Norwegian diplomats. Back-channel communications, secret meetings, and high-level intrigue set the stage, and the troika of scenic designer Michael Yeargan, projection designer Ben Pearcy, and lighting designer Don Holder added visual cues to help negotiate shifts of time, place, and emotion. Holder discusses his lighting with Live Design

Click through the slideshow for Holder's comments on the design, as well as the lighting plot and gear list.

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