The Kinematics Dress: A Flexible, 3D Printed Garment

The Kinematics Dress: A Flexible, 3D Printed Garment

The dress is perfect. It hugs nicely, moves with your body, and sways when you walk. You practically forget that you haven't donned a fabric, but instead, a 3D printed, plastic garment.

Design studio, Nervous System created a software, called Kinematics, that uses origami techniques to make wearable, plastic clothing, according to Wired. The process begins with a 3D model in a CAD program that breaks down the garment into triangles of varying sizes that can be placed in creative patterns. The designer controls these actions through a Javascript-based design tool that can preview how they will affect the construction of the dress. The software uses algorithms to add hinges to each triangular piece to create a unified garment. The software also compresses the design in way that is similar to folding the dress. It takes two days of printing at Shapeways to produce a dusty boulder from which technicians expertly remove excess plastic and dust. Finally, the dress materializes in all its 3D glory.

Designer Jessica Rosenkrantz's dress was recently acquired by the Museum of Modern Art. Check out the design process in the video below.

For the full story, visit Wired.

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