The Invisible Artists Revealed

The Invisible Artists Revealed

Did you know that hundreds of people are integral to the production of a single Broadway show? Photographer Stephen Joseph captures the "invisible artists" in an exhibit of over 100 panoramic views of Broadway's most famous theater designers in "Broadway Revealed, Behind the Theater Curtain," according to

Tour the studios and sets where the plays are created through Joseph's photography. The original show first opened at the Bedford Gallery in California in December 2013. Scheduled to now open at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Center, Joseph needs to raise a minimum of $17,000 by June 19, 2014 in order to bring "Broadway Revealed" to New York on November 7, 2014 through January 2015. An additional $5,000 raised would fund the production of the show's catalog, designed and printed by Chance Magazine. Help Joseph's campaign, and those who pledge $100 will be invited to attend the private opening reception on November 7.

Check out Joseph's video about "Broadway Revealed" below and visit his page to make a pledge to his project.

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