Inspiration For The Set Of Bizarre Illyria In Twelfth Night

Inspiration For The Set Of Bizarre Illyria In Twelfth Night

The style for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's production of Twelfth Night was inspired by Miami's Wynwood Arts District, a down-on-its-luck neighborhood where artists had moved into and turned it into a thriving, living canvas, according to The Boston Globe.

To artistic director Steven Maler, the vibrant street life and massive wall paintings seemed the perfect atmosphere for the set of bizarre Illyria. Maler and scenic designer Cristina Todesco assembled a vibrantly colored set for the play running July 23 to August 10 on Boston Common.

“There’s no sadder place to be when you’re sad and lonely than at a great party," Maler tells The Boston Globe. "Illyria is a wild place, of vitality, of sensuality, of Bacchanalian celebration, and you’ve got these characters sort of wrapped in black.”

As resident theater company at Babson College in Wellesley, Commonwealth Shakespeare takes advantage of the space and support of the 441-seat Carling-Sorenson Theater.

To read the full article, visit The Boston Globe.

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